Hello. I am Avyan, and I am the creator of this website. No, I don’t always have this don’t-mess-with-me-i’m-dead-serious look. But for some odd reason, I like this photograph. It was clicked on my Graduation Day in 2018, by a very dear friend.

Avyan's (author's) Photograph
Captured by Sean Leon

Let me ramble about my story later. Here is a brief overview of why I created this website.

Back when I was pursuing my Master’s in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London, I went through a lot of experiences. Because I had no one to guide me,  I made a lot of mistakes. But, when I reached the point where I felt confident about myself, I decided to help people moving to the UK from India. This website helps you to move to the UK from India as a student. Welcome to Out From India!

To know more about why I created this website, watch the video below. Or you can watch some other informational videos on my YouTube channel here.