How to Find Student Accommodation in London – A Step-by-Step Guide

What are some of the factors to consider when booking accommodation in the UK? What will help you decide the best accommodation in the UK? Is finding an accommodation in the UK difficult? Well, let us first look at the positive and negative points of each of the accommodations we discussed.

Let us get right into the benefits of each type of student accommodation in the UK. If you are wondering about the various types of accommodation in the UK, then click here.

  1. Browse known sources.
  2. Browse online.
  3. Talk to realtors. Get a possible video call view of the flat.
  4. Look for reviews, recommendations etc.
  5. Make a list of questions.
  6. Make payments upon confirming and clarifying.

Step 1: Set aside a monthly budget for your accommodation.

A budget of INR 70,000/month should be kept aside for a shared student accommodation, which is in Zone 2 and beyond. Setting your budget for the accommodation that you will pay per month is crucial before you begin your search. That budget will be your guide throughout the entire process and will really help you understand how much flexibility you have with it.

For different scenarios, different cases will apply. If you have taken an education loan and you have money for accommodation, you can increase your budget. However, if you haven’t taken a loan and are thinking of funding your accommodation by working part-time, then too you must have a general idea of how much you would be willing to spend.

If I have an education loan, how much should my budget for student accommodation in London be?

This is an average figure and will vary according to the type of accommodation that you choose, where it is located and other such factors. Moreover, the amount that you set aside for your accommodation also depends on how much you have taken the loan for.

Also, your bank may give you the option to set some amount aside for accommodation. If that is the case, then I’d advise you to understand the type of accommodation that you would want for yourself and then decide a budget.

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And what should be my budget for student accommodation if I want to pay for it myself?

Then, too the amount would be similar. However, because you are paying for your own accommodation, I’d expect you to settle for one that is decent, in a safe area and is not too costly. This is especially advisable for Master’s or PhD students.

An approximate amount of INR 50,000 should be set as budget for those students who wish to finance their own accommodation while living in London.

This figure, however, can vary drastically according to the type of accommodation that you live in, and where exactly it is located.

On an average, a private accommodation that you find on websites like Zoopla may turn out to be cheaper than student accommodations. This is because of the amenities that are available to you in a student accommodation are not available in a private one.

Step 2: Browse for student accommodations in London online.

There are several websites where you can go and look for student accommodations in London. Some of them are listed below:

These are the major points of living in either of these various accommodations. Now, I understand that it can be a bit difficult to decide even at this stage. This is especially the case for those people who cannot afford expensive university, in some cases even student accommodations. But, don’t worry we can look at that in just a while. Before we proceed to understand the factors for deciding accommodation, let us have a look at my experience living at a student accommodation in London.

Watch this video to know about my experience living at a student accommodation. This will just help you give a perspective on student and university accommodation.

(Video coming soon)

Now, you have familiarised yourself with what it really means living at a student/university accommodation. To help you decide which accommodation you should book, you can download this document which will help you decide some of the factors against which you should weigh each accommodation.

I understand that you might have felt that I am constantly leaning towards having you book a student accommodation. That is, in fact, not my intention. All I am saying is that to actually enjoy the experience of studying in the UK, it is strongly advised to live in a student accommodation.

At the same time, however, if you feel that you will not be able to afford it, look for cheap private accommodations online. You can use websites like Zoopla, Spareroom, Badi, to find the same. Watch this video to get some helpful tips while booking a private accommodation. (links coming soon)

For those of you who are wishing to apply for a student accommodation, you can check out my review of Claredale House in the video below.