Shop for Indian groceries in the UK

What are some of the stores that you can visit to shop for Indian groceries in the UK?

Find a list of the stores in some major cities in the UK to shop for Indian groceries.

When we are living in the UK, food is one of the most important things. I cannot stress the importance of a healthy diet enough. This is especially when you are living alone and do not have anyone else to cook for you. However, without any further ado, let us get right down to the information about Indian food stores in the UK.

Shopping for Food

I never went out of my way to shop for Indian food while living in London. And when I did need my groceries, I would only go to Lidl or Tesco. The reason why I used to go to Lidl is because of its cheap prices and good quality. There is nothing that Lidl has not which Tesco or the more expensive stores.

Here is a list of items that I used to buy regularly and an estimate of their price.

ItemPrice Quality
Chicken Thighs (750g)£1.60Fresh, always
Brown Rice £.80 – £1.20Good
Egg Noodles £.60 – £.80 for three bricksGood
Eggs £1.10 for 15 eggsGood
Olive oil£6 – £10 (lasts about 30 days)Good
Brocolli £0.60 Fresh
Red onion£0.40 – £0.80Fresh
Berries £ 2 – £3.50 Fresh, always

The prices may have gone up or down. But these are the prices I last bought my groceries from Lidl in 2019.

Below, you will find a tabular list of Indian grocery stores all over UK. I haven’t covered some cities as I am still looking, and will update it as soon as I get the information.

Indian Groceries in London

There are several stores in London where you can shop for desi groceries and foods. Whether you have a craving for Indian food, or you want to buy some traditional Indian spices, Whitechapel in East London is a good place to start with.

However, there are several stores that you can go to. Here is a list of them.

AreaShopItems Online Services
East LondonSeveral shops on the Whitechapel roadTraditional Indian/Bangladeshi spices Ask at shop
NW LondonIndian Spice Shop Traditional Indian spices Call shop and ask
E LondonTaj Stores Traditional Indian Spices/Fruits and Vegetables/Utensils like pans, cookers/There website does not give any information. Use this link to find them.
Barking, IlfordVeena’s Ethnic Online Shop Fruits and vegetables/spices/groceries/pooja items/halal meats Free orders over £40. Click here for more information.

Indian Groceries in Birmingham

AreaShopItemsOnline Services
Soho Road HandsworthS & D SupermarketGroceries/traditional Indian spicesAsk at shop
Ladypool Road SparkbrookRaja Brothers Supermarket Halal meat/spices/groceriesAsk at shop
Slade Road Erdington Malabar FoodsSpices/groceries/frozen South Indian foods like vada, idiyappam Ask at shop
Watling Street Tamworth Sandhu Stores Spices/groceries/non-food items Ask at shop
Raddlebarn Road Ashi Food StoresSpices/groceriesAsk at shop

Indian Groceries in Manchester

AreaShopItems Online Services
Ashton Road Oldham ASM Cash & CarrySpices/groceries/ready-to-eat foods Ask at shop
Ahmed House Belle Vue AvenueAhmed Bros. Wholesalers and Distributors Ghee/cooking oils/flour/rice/other grocery items Order by call
Stockport Road Longsight Manchester SuperstoreGroceries/spices/world foods Ask at shop

Indian Groceries in Portsmouth

AreaShopItems Online Services
Walton Road WokingAtif SuperstoreMost likely they sell spices and groceries, but you will have to check as there is very less info onlineNA

I couldn’t find any major Indian stores in Portsmouth, if you happen to know one let me know and I will add it to the list.

Indian Groceries in Liverpool

AreaShopItemsOnline Services
Brook Street Chester Spice of Asia Spices/groceries NA

Indian Groceries in Coventry

If you can’t find any Indian grocery stores in Coventry, you can go to Birmingham (which is about 30 minutes by train) and buy cheap Indian groceries there.