Pack for the UK

There are two types of luggage: check-in and carry-on. Check-in luggage is what you deposit to be kept inside the flight storage room. Carry-on luggage is what you carry with yourself on the flight.

Do remember to check how much luggage limit you are allowed. If its anywhere above 40 kilos, then you should keep two suitcases: one a massive one and the second a slightly small one. I will share sample images soon. You can then divide the weight like: 30 + 10, 25 + 15 and so on.

For Carry-On Luggage

Only items that run on batteries should be there in your carry-on luggage. This would mean anything like your camera, mobile phone, laptop and so on. As far as I remember, you can take as much as 50ml of a liquid such as a perfume or vaseline or stuff like that as carry-on. Rest has to go in your checked luggage.

For Checked Luggage

This is where most of your clothes and other stuff will be. Keep all your clothes and packet foods here.

I understand that it would be a bit tough fitting everything inside big suitcases. Hence, I am working on some videos that will give you some tips on packing effectively and managing space in your luggage. These videos will be out here soon.

Things I Brought to the UK

Now, in order to help you decide what to pack and what not to pack as a student, I will first talk about the things that I brought (and then discarded) when I moved to the UK.


I took a whole lot of clothes to the UK. I remember going to almost all the winter shopping markets in Delhi to look for winter clothing like innerwear, jackets, scarves, gloves and so on.

Clothing Type Quantity Price (Total in INR)
Warm Innerwear (full)4 Pairs1500
Jackets 43500 – 4500
Warm Shirts/Tees42000
Cotton Tees102500
Undies 10 pairs 1200
Warm Socks 4 pairs 500
Shirts 5 – 6 2000
Trousers (Formal + Informal)4 2000
Suits 23000 – 5000
Shoes (Brogue + Sports)21200
Handkerchiefs 10500

Other Miscellaneous Essentials

TypeQuantity Price (Total in INR)
Warm Blanket1800
Belt 1200
Bags (backpack + laptop bag)2 2000
Ball-point pens + pencils 10100
Diary 2 – 3100
Man’s Essentials (Shaving Cream + Razor)1 each 300
Hand Towels3400
Bath Towels2400

Essentially, these are all the things that I had carried with myself from India to the UK. Additionally, I had my original documents and their copies in two separate folders. On the day of my flight, I had two big suitcases which weighed a total of 45 kilos. I had one backpack which had my documents and my laptop which must have been around 7 kilos.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I was carrying a lot of items with me. Some of them I just ended up discarding in the UK. .

The Things I Discarded in the UK

Warm Innerwear

It is true. I discarded all pairs of the warm innerwear I brought with myself. Why? Because I did not need them. The thing with warm innerwears is that you only need them in extremely cold temperatures. And while living in London, the temperatures did get pretty low during winters, it never got so low that I had to wear an extra layer of clothing inside. This is primarily because in the UK you have heaters installed inside every building. So, if you are in your room, or at your university or at the library, or perhaps at the restaurant, there are heaters which keep the place completely warm. In addition to wearing heavy jackets and jumpers, if I were wearing warmers beneath my clothing, I would have died because of the heat whenever I would get in somewhere. Therefore, I wore heavier jackets and jumpers while going out. This way, whenever I walked into a cafe, or the library I would simply take off the jacket and still not feel cold neither too warm.

Additionally, I did not have the time to visit any of the much colder places where I would have made some use of those innerwear. Furthermore, after London, I was travelling to Singapore, where there was absolutely no need of warm innerwear. Therefore, I discarded all of them.


I discarded all of them. Why? Because after coming to London, I noticed that I did not like the style of clothes that I had carried with myself. I wanted something different, something a bit more stylish. And I ended up buying jackets from London itself. This led me to almost not using the jackets that I had brought from India.

Moreover, the jackets that I had brought were not thick enough that suited the London weather. I needed something much thicker so that I could just wear a warm jumper inside. With the jackets I had brought from Delhi, I had to wear two to three layers of clothing inside in order to go out. The additional layers of clothing made me feel very uncomfortable. Hence, I ended up buying thick jackets from Primark, which honestly were very cheap.

Warm Socks

Again, discarded each and every one of them. Why? If you have been living in Delhi for quite some time, then you know that there is not much of a walking culture in the city. Credit that to the pollution or to the apparent laziness of the people. In London, however, a walk over a few miles is sometimes appreciated over taking the bus or the tube. And, when you are walking for miles together, especially on a wintry sunny day, your feet sweat in those closed-up winter shoes. And that sweat makes you feel extremely disgusting and uncomfortable. I realised this the first day I wore those socks. Not only did wearing winter socks make me feel disgusted, I could hardly wear them more than once because they would just get dirty too soon. And dirty socks need constant washing. Now washing your dirty socks two times a week in a student accommodation (where you pay for your washing) does not make sense. Therefore, these were the first things to go to the bin.


Now, here is the thing about the trousers. The trousers that I had brought with myself to the UK had the normal style. After coming to London, however, I realized that I liked thr skinny fit style more. If you don’t know the difference then visit here. I got so fascinated by that style that I bought myself at-least two skinny fit trousers. Thus begun that skinny fit trouser journey which completely led to the disposal of the normal trousers.

Money I spent in the new trousers: About £40 in total.


Although I haven’t discarded them yet, I will the moment I am able to buy a new one.This is because of the same problem, I don’t like their style anymore: wide trousers.


I discarded the sports shoes back in London. But this is more of an issue with that particular shoes as they were very uncomfortable for long walks. I have kept my brogues though as I find them to be extremely useful for even formal occasions sometimes.

Warm Blanket

Now here’s the thing about blankets that you bring from home. Unless you are carrying those thick quilts that we use in extreme cold, none of the blankets you bring are going to work for the UK weather. I myself had a really thin quilt, somewhat of a summer quilt, that I had brought but even during the month of September it just did not suffice for the cold. Hence, I ended up buying a new duvet (13.5 tog).

Money I spent: £13.


Now, here is the thing about stationery. If you are not someone who uses diaries and pens a lot, then you should not even bother about getting a lot. When I was coming to the UK, I simply assumed that I would need loads of pens and notebooks. However, after coming here, I realised that I was just more comfortable using the laptop more. Hence, I was using the laptop for every damn thing. I only used the notebook if I absolutely needed to. I must have discarded all of my pens and notebooks before coming to Singapore. In the UK, I just bought generic stuff like tape, stapler.

Money I spent: £4.

The Things that You Should Keep

Now, depending on who you are, what your budget is and for how long you are going to the UK, you should pack your own stuff. However, you can refer to my guide here on the stuff that you should keep.