Shop for Clothes in the UK

What are the best stores when it comes to shopping for clothes in the UK? How do you go about shopping for clothes in the UK? Are you going to shop for clothes in the UK? Then, you are going to find this post interesting.

When it comes to shopping for either of these items, you have got to decide what it is that you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking to buy a fancy pair of winter boots for yourself, then the stores that you will be going to would be different to if you were just looking for something to wear daily.

We all want to buy buy new clothes when we move to the UK. This is especially the case when we move to London, as, after all, London is a fashionable city to live in. However, when we look at the fancy apparel stores and compare them against the amount of money that we have in our pockets, we feel disappointed.

Now, if you are my kind, then you probably like to experiment with different types, styles, and colours of clothes. However, if you simply have a budget of, say, £50 – 100 per month you need to be reasonable about what and where you are shopping.


I am sure you must have seen that coming. Primark is probably the most budget-friendly clothing stores in the UK, at-least it is the case in London. Almost everything in that store, and I literally mean almost everything, starts from about £5 and goes all the way up to £50 (or more) depending on what you are buying.

In fact, the best thing about buying something from Primark is that no matter what the occasion is, if you are out of clothing options, you can quickly rush to the store buying something decent for cheap.


When it comes to the quality of Primark clothing, it is not the best. I am not lying here, but I seriously did not see anything I bought from Primark last more than two months. I am not kidding. And, I have a history of buying extensively from Primark.

The tees that you get for between £5 – £10 get worn out, lose their colour and shape after 20-odd washes. The shirts that you buy for about £10 lose their colour in about 15-odd washes. And the trousers are just not sturdy enough that they can be worn almost everyday of the week except for the washing day. When it comes to shoes, they are worse. The stitching often comes out after a regular usage for about four to five weeks. And, if you plan to use Primark shoes for running, then God save you.

NB: It may be that some of their clothes last long and some don’t. However, in my cases all of their clothes lost any value in a short period of time. Perhaps that is because I don’t have a huge cupboard and tend to wear the same tee/shirt/jumper/hoodie every other day.

However, the bottom line remains that they are simply not durable. Not, at-least, in my case. And I have heard a couple complaints about their bad quality from a lot of friends. So, here, my opinion is not dumbfounded.


This is why you buy from Primark. All of their items are excessively cheap. Let’s have a look at some of them here.

You can browse more products on their official website. They even have a range of homeware items, but I never bought anything off of that, and I am not too sure about the quality. The online listings do not even have common items like bed-sheets or pillows. You are better off looking for the same items at the store itself.

Now, when it comes to shopping for the basic items, you can tell that you would hardly need about £50 to have a set of jeans, t-shirts, shirts/dresses, and a winter jacket.

I always used Primark to buy clothes that I need daily. Or, in some instances, when I was trying to experiment with a particular style, or colour of clothing. Hence, I would not recommend this store when it comes to quality.


Some of you are probably thinking, is Topman really cheap? Well, certainly not as cheap as Primark. However, the reason it made it to this list is because of its quality. The clothes that you get at Topman are much durable, last much longer, withstand more washes, and overall, look good.

When it comes to Topman, I must have only spent about £200 during my entire stay in the UK of about 1.5 years. This is primarily because I was just not aware that it is a good enough store to buy clothes from.

However, after trying out a couple pair of jeans, denim jacket and a couple of shirts, I was convinced.


When it comes to the quality of the clothes from Topman, I would say that it is worth the money. The stuff that you buy from this stores tends to last almost thrice as long as what you buy from Primark. Moreover, they have a wide range of options if you fancy experimenting with your wardrobe. The best thing is that their different “types” or “styles” of clothing are actually pretty decent.

I bought two pairs of skinny-fit jeans, a denim jacket, and three shirts from this store. All of them are in exactly the same shape and colour as they were on day 1. One could argue that since I wear those shirts only once or twice a week, they are still that good. I beg to differ. When I do wear these shirts, I tend to wear them for an entire day and for the next day as well, subject to how dirty they get.

Moreover, when I was in London, I would wear their jeans almost as frequently as I would wear Primark’s. And after facing several disappointments from Primark, I turned to Topman.


The prices of clothes at Topman are not cheap. Don’t get me wrong, but if you are not earning north of £800, you might have set your budget at £50/month for Topman. Unless, of course you simply want to invest more money.

However, it is safe to say that the sum of items that you would get for about £50 from Primark, here that amount would rise up to about £100 or even £150.

Talk about shopping for clothes in the UK and you cannot miss boohoo. It is an online clothing brand that only offers online shopping services. You can browse for the million different clothing items on their website and place an order. Now, when it comes to shopping for clothes in the UK, especially online, is a great stop. The best thing about their online store is that they have a million items available on their website.

They have extensive ranges of clothes for both men and women. And, well, the quality is not too bad. But, is it worth the price? I am in double minds about the quality to be honest.

NB: For men, you should check out, for women, you can check out either: and


When it comes to the quality of boohoo’s clothes, I would say that they do okay. The reason why I said that I am in double minds about the quality before is because I simply feel that they are not the best. I bought several skinny-fit trousers from their online store, and all of them got washed out after a month.

Moreover, they went from skinny-fit trousers to normal loose trousers in just a short amount of time! And I must have spent about £30 in just buying those two skinny jeans. But, after facing that initial disappoint two times, I just did not have the financial courage to invest another £20 in buying something else. And, well, I did not buy anything else from that store.

Therefore, I would say that when it comes to boohoo, I would not trust them with durability and age. However, they do have an impressive collection of party-wear, which I would definitely check out once.


When it comes to the pricing of their products, I would say that they are somewhere in the middle of the two stores mentioned above. You can shop for stuff for somewhere between £50 and £100. It completely depends on what you are looking for, whether the store is offering discounts, and whether you can avail student discount. All university students can avail the student discount.


This is another major store when it comes to shopping for clothes in the UK. The reason why I say that is because I have always found Next to be reliable when it comes to the quality. Think of it like Topman when it comes to quality and pricing.


I had bought about three or four shirts, couple of t-shirts, and one pair of trousers. All of are exactly in the same shape, size, and colour as they were when I first bought them. In fact, the trousers have not lost even the slightest shade of the colour. And the shirts, although I may not have worn them as much, are still as good as new.

Now, this is what happened to me. After experimenting with some colour and styles of clothing from Primark, I decided to save money and buy stuff from Next. They do not have the most diverse range when it comes to clothing, however, they still do pretty well when it comes to giving their customers a diverse range of options.


Since the prices are quite similar to Topman, you can expect to spend somewhere between £100 for two shirts, one or two trousers and some t-shirts.

Next vs Topman?

Now that I have said that both Topman and Next have similar quality and pricing when it comes to their range of clothes, I should also give my conclusion on which one is better. The truth is that if I were to look for something funky and out-of-the-box and also of some durable quality, I would go for Topman. If, however, I just need something a little better than Primark but nothing as fancy, then I would go for Next. Hope that makes sense.

Moss Bros

When it comes to shopping for clothes in the UK, you must not miss not shopping for formal clothes. And, when it does come to formal clothing, some stores like Moss Bros offer quality, class and a decent price (more so if you are buying during a sale). The only item that I bought from Moss Bros was an extremely beautiful overcoat.

I have used it quite frequently, and so far I can say that its quality is simply fabulous.


I will try my best not to give my review in favour of Moss Bros just because I like one particular overcoat from their store. However, the truth is that I paid abot £120 to buy it (during Christmas sale) and because it has turned out so well, I cannot just turn my head away from its good quality.

Moreover, a few of my friends either bought overcoats, or suits, or formal shirts from this store and all of them have good things to say about it. Although there are stores like Hawes and Curtis, and bigger ones like Ted Baker, I still feel that Moss Bros is affordable and classy. Therefore, if you were to ask me, I would say you should definitely check out some of their items first before jumping to any other store.


The pricing of the clothes in Moss Bros is definitely not cheap. However, it is also not as staggeringly expensive as that of other formal clothing stores.


You are shopping for clothes in the UK, and you forgot about the shoes? Now, when it comes to shoes, Aldo cannot be trusted for durability. Why?

Because I had bought a couple pair of shoes from Aldo, and all of them turned out to be huge disappointments. I still have a pair of flashy red shoes, which I am dragging with me because I like the colour. However, by the look of them they are going to be worn out soon.


I simply do not trust the quality of their shoes. The only reason I have to include this store in this list is because I want you to know what was my experience with them. I must have spent about £100 in buying the shoes I bought from this store and well, you know what they turned out to be like. I would not trust spending a lot of money on the items available on their store.

On the contrary, I would redirect you to Nike or JD, as the quality of their shoes is far better in some cases.


The only reason I did go for Aldo was because of its pricing. Their shoes are not too expensive and if you have £50 to spare, you can get a pretty decent pair of shoes.

Do not forget to use your student card!

If you are shopping for clothes in the UK as a student, then chances are you can avail tons of discounts on anything you buy. Therefore, my advice would be to never shy away from producing your student ID. You might just save enough for a meal!