Life after the UK

Once I finish my graduation from the UK, then what? What does life after the UK look like? What does life after the UK look like for Indians? Is it easy to secure jobs anywhere in the world after living in the UK? Let us find out.

You might not even have made the decision to move to the UK, and this question would have crossed your mind. What exactly can you do with a degree from the UK?

Aren’t graduation degrees from the UK known all over the world? Can you not find a reputable, high-earning job anywhere? Theoretically, you can. But then the moment the company finds out you are Indian, there comes the problem of visa sponsorship.

So, what is the catch? As an Indian, what do you actually need to work in the West? Or perhaps in the Oceania? Will your exceptional talent and dedication do? Or do you need reference? Or what?

It is a combination of all these things. But, we will explore these problems at a later stage.

For now, let us limit our focus to understanding what is it that you can do after completing your graduation from the UK? What are the options that you have?

The 2-Year PSW Scheme

The first option that you have is to make use of the 2-year PSW scheme (what is this scheme and what are its benefits?). For all the graduates who are beginning their studies in the UK from 2020 can apply to this scheme. As a result of this, you will be able to stay in the UK for 2 years after finishing your graduation.

Let us explore this scheme and its benefits in further detail here: The Benefits of the 2-Year UK PSW Scheme.