Life of an Indian student

Do you know what life is like in the UK for an Indian student? Or, generally for an Indian worker in the UK? Life in UK for Indian students is difficult. From managing food, to managing time, and ensuring that they are giving enough time to themselves. There is just so much to take care of. Especially if you are someone who is moving to the UK for the first time, then it is going to be tough. But, what are the schedules like for a full-time university student in the UK? Let us explore here.

Life in UK for a full-time university student from India

Hi, I am a full-time university student who pursues BA from a reputed London university. Here is what a day in the life of a full-time university student in the UK looks like:

0700 – 0800: Get up, have breakfast, and prepare lunch.

0900 – 1000: Head to university/library. Study for the day begins.

1000 – 1300: Continuous study. Phone only active for mum and dad.

1300 – 1400: Lunch + conversations + smoke break + gossip.

1400 -1600: Continuous study at library/discussion with friends/at the lab/meeting with professor/writing assignments/researching/doing academic work

1600 – 1700: Head home.

1800 – 2000: Chill at home + phone calls + preparing dinner + chilling with housemates/accommodation-mates/keeping busy

2100 – 2300: Just netflix/netflix and chill/chill with friends/go out/prepare for the next day.

And here is what my weekend schedule looks like:

0800 – 0900: Get up, have breakfast, do laundry.

1000 – 1200: Calls at home/chilling with friends/housemates + making a list of grocery items to buy + preparing lunch

1300 – 1400: Lunch + chill with friends/calls at home/conversations with housemates/making plans/enjoying life in these short moments

1500 – 1600: Shopping for groceries + meal prepping for the coming week

1700 – 2000: Study time (non-negotiable)

2000 – 2100: Cooking and having dinner

2200 – 2300: Preparing for the next week + going to bed early to start everything again.

Although the schedule seems pretty straightforward, there are lots of challenges. Here is a brief list of them.

Challenge 1: Food

Can life in UK for an Indian student be so difficult? I try to be as meticulous as I can with the food that I make for myself. However, there are times when the prepped food goes bad, or I simply don’t want to eat the same thing over and over again. I end up buying food from outside and then my groceries go waste. Sometimes it happens continuously for days and I am left with no idea how to deal with it.

Challenge 2: Study

Although I do have planned study sessions, sometimes I just get lost in conversations over the phone or with a friend. That eats up a lot of my time. Or, sometimes while sitting in the library I watch funny videos instead of doing research. I try to push myself to study more, but you know, I do get distracted occasionally.

Challenge 3: Home

I really do.On weekdays, when I have to do my laundry, or when I prepping food for myself. Or when I do any of the thousand things I do in a single day. I miss home badly. I try to deal with it, but it is not easy. Sometimes it even gets into the way of my academics. I end up reminiscing about home and spend hours browsing through old pictures and videos. And to get out of that state I switch to YouTube. And there go 6 hours of my day.

The list of challenges goes on and on. Life in UK for an Indian student is not easy.

Benefit 1: Resources

I love spending time at the library. There are thousands of resources that I can make use of. And every time I read something new, or research something cool, I feel blessed to be here. It just helps me expand my intellectual horizons.

Benefit 2: Independence

As much as I hate doing my own laundry and cooking my own food, I just love the state of being so independent. I do not rely on anyone else. While doing most of these tasks, I only think about myself and how much they matter to me as an individual. And feeling that sense of non-dependence helps me fight homesickness.

Benefit 3: Friends

I have friends from all over the world. Our discussions are fun, stimulating, and always teach me something new about this world. Moreover, I find it fun to share the challenges that I am facing in my academics with all of them. And enjoying a bottle of beer at the end of day with most of them is something I always look forward to. It fights my homesickness.

I can carry on this list with thousands of benefits and hundreds of challenges. But that is not the purpose of this section. The purpose is to tell you that if there are challenges of living in the UK as a student, then so are there numerous benefits to it. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

A challenge is a challenge only until you haven’t figured a way out of it. But benefits, they last forever.

Too philosophical for you? Wait, we are not done yet. Are you not curious what life is like for a person who is working full-time in the UK? Let’s find out what their schedule looks like.