Life of an Indian Worker

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Hi, I am full-time worker at the UK

This is what my schedule looks like on weekdays.

0700 – 0800: Get up, make breakfast + get ready.

0900 – 1000: Phone calls at home on the way + get to work

1000 – 1300: Work + breaks + gossip with colleagues

1300 – 1400: Lunch break: buy a salad/sandwich from Tesco or eat food prepared at home

1400 – 1700: Meetings + Work + coffee/tea/gossip/smoke breaks

1700 – 1900: More work + overtime work + getting things done work + getting ahead of schedule work

2000 – 2100: Get dinner (different cuisine every time) + get back home

2100 – 2300: Prepare for the next day + cook lunch/dinner

And here is what my weekend schedule looks like:

0800 – 0900: Get up + get breakfast + phone calls at home

0900 – 1000: Doing laundry + ironing + making a list of groceries to buy

1000 – 1200: Grocery shopping + meal prepping

1300 – 1400: Lunch + thinking about things to do + explore the city

1500 – 1800: Whiling time away + looking for things to do + attending social events around the city + tinder swiping?

1800 – 2100: Spending time with friends + attending social events + finding things to do

This schedule seems pretty straightforward does it not? In fact, it looks like your own schedule. Well, your schedule will most likely be dependent on the kind of work that you do, whether you work on weekdays, and whether you work from home during weekends too.

In fact, what you must understand is that a weekend schedule will vary entirely basis the life that you want. If you want, you can spend the entire weekend sitting at home, chilling and watching Netflix. Or, you can go out, attend social events, and have a life.

Let us look at some of the challenges that this full-time worker might face.

Challenge 1: Time

I often find it hard to give time to the really important things. For instance, I don’t know anyone in this city and I want to make friends. But on weekdays I am bogged down with work, and on weekends I have daily chores to attend to. And if I do get a break, I often just sit down in front of the laptop watching stupid videos. And time flies away.

Challenge 2: Food

It is a big challenge for me. Because of the crazy work schedule that I have, I often find it hard to prep my meals. And when I don’t do it, I find it extremely hard to cook every day. I hardly have time to stand and cook for hours together!

Challenge 3: Friends

I do not have a crazy social life. This is because, first I am a bit shy myself and find going out into the city quite overwhelming. Second, I find it hard to meet new people and make friends. I mean, I want to make friends, but where do I start?

And, here are some benefits:

Benefit 1: Growth

I have learned a lot just by working at this company. Not only do I learn from the various projects that I work on. But working with such a diverse group of people broadens my perspective. Oftentimes, a person from a completely different background comes up with an idea that I had not even dreamt of! It is a steep learning curve.

Benefit 2: Independence

I feel more independent. I have to do everything here by myself. Cooking, laundry, washing up, watching the finances, keeping my refrigerator stocked, everything imaginable I have to do by myself. There is no wife or mother to help me out here. I feel more independent, and feel I can take care of myself in extreme situations.

Benefit 3: Diversity

I love the diversity. Oftentimes I spot people from completely different parts of the world sitting down and having a chat over a cup of coffee. It motivates me so much to go out and find friends for myself. And not just Indian friends, I desire to meet people from different cultures. There is just so much that I can learn from them.

Again, the list of benefits and challenges would go on and on. But, the one thing that you should focus on is that as there are challenges, so there are benefits of living in the UK.

Whether you work in the UK, or study here, you are bound to face challenges that you had never even imagined could be challenges. For instance, when was the last time you thought about stepping out to “make friends”? If you have been living in a city for years together then this thought would not even have crossed your mind.

However, when you move to a new city, an essential part of starting a new life is meeting people. After all, it is the people that make a city home.

So, depending on your situation, you might have a different type of life. If you like the life of working and netflix, go and choose that. If you like the life of eating food outside everyday, go ahead. If you like the life of socialising, go ahead. However, there are some things that you will have to do. Otherwise, you will just end up a lonesome bunny in this huge country.

Remember, the UK, especially London, is what you make of it.

So, now we know a couple things. What are the benefits of living in the UK, what are the challenges, why you should/should not move to the UK and also these schedules. What should we explore next?

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