Living Costs

When we are talking about study expenses in the UK, it is essential that we take into account the living expenses. Where your university tuition fees is going to remain constant, you will find your living expenses to be varying greatly. However, that is subject to the kind of life that you decide to live while you are in the UK.

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This is really important for you to understand. Given below are some estimated values basis the costs of items and services in London. To ensure that I give justice to other cities, I have reduced these prices by about 1/3 given that London is more expensive than smaller cities. I would highly encourage you to use these prices as simply estimates rather than fixed figures. You might choose to live one of these lifestyles, or might want to combine two or more of these.

Moreover, food and travel are two things for which we can never settle on the exact price as they would vary greatly according to the type of lifestyle that you want to lead. For instance, if you can afford it, you would want to travel to different places almost every other day especially for the first few months. On the other hand, if your budget is tight, then you might want to save up on that travel money. And, when you will save travel money, you will naturally save on spending thousands of rupees on eating outside.

And, this is simply one instance where things can get a bit complicated when it comes to calculating the prices. Therefore, do not go exactly by the prices mentioned here. Rather, use them as a guide to calculate your own monthly expenses.

Living Luxuriously

What does living luxuriously mean? Well, in financial terms, it means spending about INR 2,00,000 per month for all the things that you wish to do. It means living at a luxurious hotel-like home, eating out regularly at fancy restaurants, and going out to fancy clubs every weekend.

You can choose to live luxuriously, where you are eating out at fancy restaurants (£12 – £20 per meal), going on a shopping spree every month (spending between £200 and £400), getting around in taxis (£5/ride/mile calculated for London), going out to expensive clubs/bars every weekend (spending between £20 and £40 subject to the club’s entry fees), and live at a luxuriously spacious room (between £250 and £400 per week). Now, out of the 90 meals in a month, you might want to eat 30 of them at a less fancy restaurant, 20 you might want to cook at home and the remaining you might just get something from stores like McDonald’s, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc. Since these prices would vary greatly, I would provide a safe estimate of about £4.50 per meal for the remaining meals. Similarly, the travel prices have also been reduced to show a rough estimate. I have estimated a public transport to cost about £1.50 each way. So a to and fro journey would cost about £3. If those are your monthly expenses, then this is your bill.

TypeMonthly countTotal cost in INR
Food20 meals28,000
Remaining meals/groceries/tiffin7030,000
Shoppingclothes + electronics23,000
Taxi rides1535,000
Travel 20 rides/month5,600
Room 11,17,000

Living Economically

Now, if you were to live fairly economically, you can cut down most of these costs. You can simply cut down all the expenses by half. Additionally, you cut out travelling with taxis, and keep that as a last resort if there is no public transport available. Moreover, given that you would not be having your meals at fancy restaurants anymore, you would have to cook for your own self or get a meal service delivered to your home. Therefore, I would only give a safe estimate, which is about £3.50 per meal. Similarly, the travel prices have also been reduced to show a rough estimate. I have estimated a public transport to cost about £1.50 each way. So a to and fro journey would cost about £3.

This would mean that you would be able to live an okay-ish life in your city, along with being able to enjoy your time as a student. Therefore, if we were to half the figures above, our monthly bill for living expenses would somewhat like this.

TypeMonthly countTotal cost in INR
Food7 meals10,500
Groceries/Tiffin service83 meals 28,000
Shoppingclothes + electronics11,000
Taxi rides25,000
Travel 16 rides/month5,000
Room 160,000

Living Extremely Frugally

Now, if you are really short on expenses, and have an extremely tight budget, then this bill will have to come down substantially. That would mean not going out to clubs for more than once in a month, spending just £50/month on shopping sprees, living in a tightly packed cheap room, no taxi rides and not eating out for more than twice a month, especially at fancy restaurants. For food, I will estimate that you would want to stick to about £2.50/meal. Similarly, the travel prices have also been reduced to show a rough estimate. I have estimated a public transport to cost about £1.50 each way. So a to and fro journey would cost about £3. These are just estimates as the prices here would vary greatly.

In fact, in this case you might even have to work part-time thereby reducing your time to do anything else. And when that happens, you would hardly be able to enjoy your life living in that city.

TypeMonthly countTotal cost in INR
Food1 meal2,000
Groceries 89 meals21,000
Shoppingclothes + electronics5,000
Taxi rides
Travel 12 times/month3,500
Room 140,000