Move as a student

Do you want to move to UK as a student? What is the process to move to UK as a student? How should you move to UK as a student, especially from India? The process is pretty straightforward. All that you have to do is look for the course that you wish to pursue, decide the university you want to pursue it from, sort your finances and send your application.

Sounds easy, right? No, its not.

When it comes to moving to the UK from India, there are two things that you should think about. Money and career prospects. When I was sending my applications to Queen Mary, I did think about money but not the career prospects. And at the end, I had an education loan to repay, without any job in the UK.


You have saved up lakhs of rupees and spread it across different savings account, fixed deposits, and what not. When it comes to moving to the UK from India, you realise that all that hard-earned money will go in simply one thing: pursuing your degree from the UK.

If you are looking to pursue your graduation, think anywhere between £20,000 to £40,000 depending on where you are based, the course that you pursue and the university you select.

For master’s students, that value ranges between £25,000 to £40,000 again dependent on those factors. For PhD students, an annual amount of £20,000 is just the tuition fee.


About your decision to move to the UK. How much finances do you have? How much more do you need? Will you take an educational loan? Will you apply for scholarship? Will someone sponsor you? What will be the conditions of sponsorship? How long will be the repayment period? What is the interest on educational loan? Will the loan also cover living expenses?

These are only some of the questions that you will looking the answers for. There hundreds of other questions that you will need to address and get complete clarification on before you can think of applying to the UK.

Career Prospects

What are career prospects? Does your university actually provide you with the skills that you can pitch in front of companies to get a job? How competitive is the job market? How likely are you going to secure a job after completing your graduation? What is the salary going to look like? Do you think that you will be able to pay off your loan from the average salaries that you would be making?

Moving to the UK from India as a student is an expensive affair. And it should not be taken lightly. I made the mistake of not even addressing a single question in career prospects. And I paid the price. After completing the course, no company hired me. First, because of my low score I could not secure a PhD, and second, because of the lack of experience, I just ranked really low against other applicants.

The Reality Check

Studying in the UK sounds too fancy, you get to learn a lot, there is a lot of diversity, a lot of people that you can learn from. Academically, you can use all the resources that the cities in the UK offer, the professors are of high repute. But, if you do not have a job after completing your graduation, all of this would look like absolute bullshit.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to the UK from India as a student, think again in terms of the career prospects. And don’t worry, I will publish separate articles about researching for available career prospects.

Are you worried?

If you are, then don’t. This is because this website will help you through the entire process of researching for the right university, the right course so that you do not end up without a job after completing your degree. And even if you do not get a job, we will fix up a backup plan.


About the 2-year UK PSW scheme. With this scheme you can live and work in the UK for an additional 2 years after completing your graduation. So, you still have a chance to work part-time and earn some money to sustain yourself, while you keep looking for jobs in your own field.

There is a way, if you look for one. So, don’t worry, this website’s research process will help address most of the questions (and more) that we raised in this article.

What next?

Now, I know I haven’t covered the crucial aspect of the course or the university in this article. Don’t worry, we will look at that in the review stage. But, before that, aren’t you curious to know what are the expenses involved in moving and living in the UK? Let’s find out.