Application Process | UK Universities

Looking to apply to UK universities from India? Are you confused about the application process? This article will give you a one-page overview of the application process for UK universities from India. If you want detailed information about any of the steps, please visit the given links. If you want to download this as a one-page PDF, click here.

Step 1: Research for Course and University

This is the most crucial step in the application process. Make sure that you devote enough time to researching for the kind of course you want to pursue and the university you want to pursue it from. Research about the course on the respective universities’ websites, read about the modules and look for reviews on Google for the same. If you need help in researching for the course and universities, then refer to a detailed guide here.

Step 2: Research for career prospects after completing the course

Do this in tandem with the previous step. Keep researching for jobs on portals like Monster, Indeed, CV-Library, LinkedIn. Look for the kind of jobs available, the average salaries and whether the companies are approved visa sponsors (who is an approved visa sponsor?).

Step 3: Make a list of universities you wish to apply to

At this step, ensure that you have a list of at-least 5 universities that you wish to send your application to. Make that decision basis how good the university is, what are the career options after getting a degree from that university, and if that university will help you secure jobs after your graduation.

Step 4: Prepare your documents

You will first need to draft your SOP and ready your Letter of Recommendations in order to send your application to the University. For a complete list of the documents that you need to send to your university, click here.

Step 5: Send your applications

Depending on whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, or a prospective PhD student, there are different routes through which you can apply. UGs and PGs have the option to send in their application through UCAS. For more detailed information about how you can send your application, click here.

Check if you need to give IELTS

If the medium of instruction throughout your academic career has been English, then you might not need to give an IELTS exam. In that case, you will need to procure what is known as a “Medium of Instructions Certificate” from your school and/or university and send along with your application.

If, however, your university does not accept the medium of instructions certificate, you will have to give the IELTS. It is highly advisable that you check with your university in either case.

Step 6: Receive the Offer

When you do receive an offer from the university, it could be of two types:

  • Conditional: you need to fulfil a university’s condition, say give your IELTS test results, provide an academic essay etc
  • Unconditional: you have received the complete offer

Step 7: Make the deposit payment

If you receive a conditional offer, you will be given a time limit in which you will have to fulfil that condition. Once you do that, you will have to pay an approximate amount of INR 2,00.000 to reserve your seat.

Step 8: Receive the CAS

CAS stands for Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies. It is a unique number issued by your educational institution after you have:

  • Received an unconditional offer from your university
  • Made the deposit payment to confirm your place

Step 9: Book the accommodation

Do this step in tandem with step 8. Once you have made the deposit payment and your university is working to get your CAS, book your student accommodation. You can do this after you have received the CAS as well. However, make sure you book your accommodation before applying for your visa. If you don’t, you will not be able to send in your visa application. To understand the different types of accommodation in the UK, and to help you find the best one for yourself, click here.

Step 10: Apply for your visa

Once you have booked your accommodation and received the CAS, you can apply for your student visa. For a complete list of the documents you need to apply for student visa, click here.

Step 11: Book your flight

Once you have received the offer, you should book your flight tickets and start packing. If you need help with packing and the items that you should/should not keep, click here.