First Day in the UK

Do you know what things you are supposed to do on the first day in the UK as a student? There are some things that you should complete on your first day in the UK as a student. Find information about it here.

Step 1. Arrive at your accommodation

The first thing that you must do when you reach the new city is reach your accommodation. Reach the accommodation, get the keys and dump your luggage. Get connected to the wifi, inform everyone at home that you reached safely.

Did you arrive during the day time? If yes, follow these steps and get these things done during the day itself. Get a bottle of water. Hydrate yourself, it will help you fight the jetlag. Get going.

Step 2. Enrol yourself at the University

Run to your university with the documents that they had requested you to bring with yourself for the enrolment. Get yourself enrolled and get the ID card. Ensure that you have the correct documents that you need for the enrolment.

Step 3. Get a SIM Card

Do not buy the card. Most likely, you are going to get one for free from your university. Ask around at your university where you can get that SIM card. Here is a list of some famous providers in the UK:

  1. O2
  2. Vodafone
  3. Three
  4. Lycamobile
  5. Giffgaff

Although you can go for any of these, if you are in London, avoid Three. However, if you do not have a choice, then go for anything. You can always change it later. I will share my review of which network is best later.

Step 4: Head Home

Head to your room. Usually, the tap water in almost all universities in the UK would be drinkable. If you are unsure, get two bottles of water and head home. If you had brought some ready to eat food packets, use them. Or, you can buy a cheap meal (£3) at McDonald’s, or you can even buy a cheap sandwich from Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Do not worry about unpacking stuff or doing anything else. If you have time and if its not too late, go and say hello to your flatmates.

You have taken the first step, now. Congratulate yourself. You made it safe.

What next?

Settle down. Proceed to My First Week in the UK Checklist.