Family in the UK

Can I bring my family to the UK on a student visa?

You are only allowed to bring your family members to the UK on the General Student Tier-4 Visa. Or, if you are a government-sponsored who is doing a course for more than six months. If your course is a short-term course of less than six months, you are not permitted to bring your family to the UK. Also, your family member (referred to as dependent) means either of these:

  • your husband, wife or civil partner
  • your unmarried or same-sex partner
  • your child under 18 years old – including if they were born in the UK during your stay

Taken from Find more information at the Government of UK website.

Do I need to show proof of funds for my family if they want to come to the UK from India?

Yes. You need to show INR 75,000 (£845)/month/family member if you and your family are moving to London, and INR 64,000 (£680)/month/family member if you and your family are moving outside London. It means, if you, your spouse, and a child wish to come to the UK, then you should show:

For London: INR 75,000 (£845) * 3 = INR 2,25,000 (£2535)/month for the entire family

Outside London: INR 64,000 (£680) * 3= INR 192,000 (£2040)

NB: For exchange rates, the UK Government recommends us to use this website:

How will I provide this proof of finances?

Your partner will have to present proof that they have the required amount in an account in their own name. They will need to provide bank statements to show that they have had that required amount for a period of 31 days before the application and bank letters stating that they have an account with that bank for however long they had an account.

How long do I need to have the proof of finances in my account?

For 31 days before the period of visa application.

Can me and my family apply together?

Yes, and that is highly recommended.

What other documents will my family need to provide for the application?

  • the name of the main applicant (one who is applying for the student visa) and/or your name, or (for children only) the name of your other parent;
  • the account number
  • the date of the statement
  • the financial institution’s name and logo
  • transactions covering the 28-day period before your application date
  • the amount of money available.

All information taken from: GOV.UK.

Can my partner work in the UK ?

Yes, they can. However you as a holder of the Tier-4 Student Visa must meet certain conditions. You must be:

  • a government-sponsored student taking a full-time course that is longer than six months, OR
  • taking a full-time postgraduate course of 9 months or longer at a ‘higher education provider’ with ‘a track record of compliance’

Most universities in the UK have a track record of compliance. If you are not sure, you can send an email to the university and ask for it.

All information taken from: UKCISA.

Can I use any bank to show proof of finances in my account?

NO! There is a list of banks that the Government of UK accepts when it comes to verifying the financial proof, which you can find here. It is highly recommended that you refer to this list.

Can my partner work anywhere in the UK?

No. Your partner is not allowed to work as a professional sportsperson/coach, and neither as a doctor/dentist in training. Information taken from UKCISA.

What UK visas permit me to bring my family to the UK?

With the following visas, you can bring your family to the UK. The Government of UK recommends you to apply for the family visa along with your own visa application. You can find individual information about all of these visas here.

Here is the list of visas that permit you to bring your family to the UK:

  • Tier-4 Student Visa
  • Tier-4 Child Student Visa (parents will have to apply for Parent of Tier-4 Child visa)
  • Tier-2 General Work Visa
  • Tier-2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa
  • Tier-2 Minister of Religion Visa
  • Tier-2 Sportsperson Visa
  • Tier-5 Charity Worker Visa
  • Tier-5 Creative and Sporting Visa
  • Tier-5 Government Authorised Exchange Visa
  • Tier-5 International Agreement Visa
  • Tier-5 Religious Worker Visa
  • Innovator Visa
  • Startup Visa

I have a student visa. Will my child get a PR if born in the UK?

No. Your child will only get a PR if either of you or your partner has obtained a settled status in the UK.

Can my partner work in the UK if I am on a tier-2 work visa?

Yes, they will be able to apply for most jobs except for a doctor in training jobs.