Life in the UK

How is life like in the UK for an Indian?

Life in the UK for Indians is not easy. If you are working full-time and earning good money then you can live luxuriously. If you are studying in the UK and relying on an education loan then life is tough. From working part-time for monthly expenses to managing time for academics, it just gets tougher. The cultural shock and a contrasting social atmosphere makes things more difficult.

Is the UK safe for Indians?

Depends on your definition of safety. According to this article by NEC, London is in the Top 15 safest cities in the world list for 2019. If you are worried about the crime rates in the UK, then they keep fluctuating. If you manage to stay away from the no-go areas and do not venture out for dangerous adventures, then you will be fine. However, if you are talking about snobbery, then it is quite prevalent in the UK.

How many Indians live in the UK?

About 1.4 million.

Where do Indians live in the UK?

According to these figures on the Government of UK website, mostly Asians prefer to live in London.

What are the major challenges that Indians face in the UK?

The biggest challenges are food and weather. Unless you have someone to cook for yourself, or you yourself know how to cook extensive Indian meals, you will find it hard to cook it for yourself. Cooking Indian food takes time and effort. The weather, too, is unpredictable, and extremes of cold weather breeds depression.

What is the rent of an average apartment in London for family?

Anywhere between INR 1,17,000 (£1,250) to INR 2,23,000 (£2,500) for a two-bedroom apartment depending on the area you wish to live in. If you live in Zones 1 and 2, this price will be higher. If you live in Zones 3 and 4 the prices would be lower. You can browse for flats here.

Where will I find Indian communities in the UK?

London. A study by Migration Observatory reveals that Indian communities are more commonly found in London. However, there are several Indians who live outside London as well, in cities like Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool etc.

Is living in a non-Indian community in India safe?

Yes. It could get a bit overwhelming initially because you would just not find any Indians. However, the UK is a country where people from all over the world occupy. Therefore, finding people who share common interests, similar outlook towards life is not extremely difficult.

Is life difficult for Indians in the UK?

If you have deep pockets, then no. It is no doubt that the UK is an expensive country. Therefore, if you have about INR 3,00,000 to spend every month easily then you can live a decent life in the UK. Moreover, if you have connections with people who have been living in the UK for long, then life can get easy.

However, for those who earn almost enough for themselves, then life could get challenging at some points. This is because having a life in India is cheaper than having one in the UK.

Do Indian students like studying in the UK?

It is hard to say if they like studying in the UK, however given the research-based approach of the UK’s educational institutions, Indians do find it quite engaging to pursue a degree from the UK. The approach towards the education system in the UK is wholly centred around independent research, something which Indians like doing.

How to pull through winter depression in the UK as an Indian?

Ensure that your rooms are completely lit with bright lights. Go out more often to meet friends, or join social circles. Go and attend events, go to bars and restaurants with friends. Regularise a routine for a physical sport, whether football, cricket, badminton, or gym. All of this will help to counter the winter depression.

Do Indian students face depression in the UK?

As an Indian student myself, initially I did face a brief bout of depression and anxiety. But this was more because I had kept myself locked up in my room, and would hardly go out and meet people. But, i was also suffering from anxiety, lack of confidence, fear of getting rejected and a host of other problems which did not let me go out and meet people. I would, then, say that living away from home can cause depression. But there are several ways to fight it as well.