Ah, prospective graduate from the UK! Welcome. Are you considering to study in the UK as an Indian? What does it take to study in the UK as an Indian? What is the application process, the documents required, and all the other essential information?

We have heard that you are thinking of moving to the UK from India to study. We congratulate on your thought. However, we hope that it is not a full-fledged decision yet.

Why would we say that? Because, there are several things that you need to consider before making that decision. What are those “things?”


Well, for starters, if you want to study in the UK from India, have you thought about the expenses that would be involved in moving and living in the UK? You know that an estimate cost of studying in London is about £20,000 (~INR 18,50,000) an year depending on the course you are doing, the degree you are taking, and the city your university is located in.

Course and University

This is a major factor when it comes to study in the UK from India. Do you have an idea about the course that you are going to do? What universities rank the best for that course? In fact, how would you decide that the university is good enough for the course? Are rankings enough to decide the university?

Career Prospects

So, you know that you are going to be spending a lot of money in moving to the UK, and more in living there. Therefore, whatever it is that you are putting your money on, is it worth it? In other words, is the course going to land you jobs in the UK right after you finish your graduation?

This is an important aspect that is often ignored by people. Picture this. You spend lakhs of rupees of your savings and move to the UK to pursue your degree. But, once it is over, you apply for thousands of jobs and you only get rejections. Why? No one knows.

Although it is hard to guarantee that you will get a job once you have done your graduation, however, it is always good to research about the current job situation for people who complete that course.

The 2-year PSW scheme is definitely going to help you out. You can work part-time to sustain yourself while continuously applying for more full-time jobs. But, the real question is, are there jobs actually available?

Don’t worry, we will be looking at all of these (and more) factors before you decide which course and university are the best for you.

What next?

This section covers the following topics:


What are the benefits of studying from the UK? What are the things you can do after getting a degree? And, more importantly, how does a degree from the UK help you secure a job internationally?


What are the challenges of studying in the UK for Indian students? What should the Indian students be aware of before making the decision to study from the UK?

Course vs Finances

When deciding about a course, what should your decision be most impacted by? The type of course you wish to do? Or the amount of money you need?


How much does it cost to get a degree from the UK? What are the living expenses in the UK? How will you calculate your own living expenses?

Education Loan

Should you take an education loan for your study from the UK? Does it make sense to take an education loan for the UK? What are the interest rates of the education loan? How long will it take to pay it back?

Working Part-Time

Is working part-time advisable in the UK? How many hours can you work part-time? When and where can you work part-time? How much can you expect to get paid by working part-time in the UK? Is working part-time enough for covering essential living costs?