Is applying to UK universities from India easy? How do you begin to apply to UK universities from India? Is the process to apply to UK universities from India the same for UGs, PGs, and PhDs? Well, let’s find out!

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For prospective UGs

You should apply through UCAS. The best thing about their portal is that they offer tons of information about the universities, courses, and in general about what your life is going to be like. The best thing about UCAS is that it is a single portal where you can submit your application to multiple universities at once. You will just need to enter the course code, the university and indicate what preference it is for you. You will get to add a total of 5 preferences.

Furthermore, when you receive the offer from the university and you do not wish to take it, you can decline it. And then, you will be a part of what is known as Clearing. This essentially means that you can apply to another university. You should check out their website for more information about how it works.

For prospective PGs & PhDs

Now, you can apply through UCAS as well. But, as a PG from UK myself, I just sent my application directly to the universities. Since I haven’t used the UCAS system for my application, I cannot directly say what would be the benefits of using it. However, I can assure you that even if you were to apply directly to universities you would not have any problem. In fact, a lot of prospective PGs submit their application directly to the universities.

The best thing in applying individually to the universities is that you can apply to as many universities as you wish to. So, you can even apply to ten universities if you wish to!

How do direct applications work?

You need to create a profile on the university website. Once you have created that profile, you will be able to submit your scanned documents and enter all the required information. All the correspondence in this case will be done through the email that you enter on their website.

When should I apply?

At-least 20 days before the application deadline. Sometimes, if the university has received a lot of applications, then it might close its application portal before the actual deadline. Hence, to avoid that situation, it is best to apply well ahead of time. Start preparing early, so that you can submit all the documents in time.