This sub-stage will help you create timelines to ensure that you make your submissions in time.

Now that you have a sense of the application of the process, it will be easy for you to create a timeline for yourself so that you have enough time to prepare all the documents. Here are some documents for which you would need to give yourself ample time.

Academic References

Ensure that you are contacting your referees well within time. This would mean, if your university deadline is in October, then they should be done with the references by early September. This just gives you enough time to review the content yourselves (if you can) and see if you want to make any changes. Letting your professors know at-least in August will give them enough time to write a reference.

Official Translation of Documents

I remember that while I was applying for the visa, there was a sudden last-minute rush to get my birth certificate translated. Looking for an official attorney was difficult and then getting it translated quickly involved a lot of persuasive talking by my mother. So, for any official translations, get it done one month before you have to apply for the visa. The good thing about it is that you will be able to use those official translations later for most things.

Proof of Finances

You just need to show the proof of funds for the visa application. And according to the UK government, you need to have the amount that they have specified from 31 days before you apply for the visa. This means, if you apply for the visa on the first of July, then that amount should be in the bank account from before the first of June. This will ensure that you do not run into any problems.

What is the exact amount that you need?

Your tuition fees – (the amount that you have paid for deposit) + living expenses (which according to the UK is INR 118000 per month*the number of months that you are going to be staying in the UK)

Ensure that you have this specific amount otherwise you will have trouble getting the visa. My personal experience with getting a loan from a national bank, Corporation Bank was not the smoothest. Hence, if you are applying for a loan through a national bank, then ensure that you give the bank enough time to ready the documents else you will only suffer through headaches. 

Passport Renewal

This is only if you feel that you need to renew your passport. I am not aware how long it will take for you to renew it, and hence it would be a good idea to check that. Post that if you feel that you need to renew it, ensure that you do that well ahead of time.

IELTS Results

This is, again, something that you should complete before applying to the university or right after applying. For IELTS, you should give yourself enough time to prepare for the tests and then receive the results. Also, do not forget that if your marks are not up to the mark, then you might have to re-take the test. There are chances that you might get a date that is closer to when you are thinking of taking it. But, you need to keep checking British Council‘s website to keep yourself updated.

Click here to download the ideal timeline that you should refer to.

What next?

Now, let us review the documents we need to submit to the university here: What documents do I need to apply to UK universities?